Reconditioned Oil Filters

oil fat filtration units

Reconditioned & Repairs to your oil/fat filtration units nationwide

Filtering of your cooking oil or fat on a regular basis can preserve the quality of your cooked product. For a reconditioned oil filtration system, call Marie - The Filter Lady @ Steve Hill Services today.
Reconditioned filtration system

Reconditioned filtration system

Here at Steve Hill Services, we have Quality 42cm Diameter round filter papers or rectangular filter paper, 51 cm x 41 cm or (16 x 20’s inches) in stock to fit Merlin Top Fry, Merlin Clarifry, Bitterling 170, CS55, 100P, Opal, Aries, Pura machines. We also have the 34cm Diameter Superpads available. Contact us today for prices.

We can also provide quality filters at affordable prices and we serve throughout the UK and Europe.

Reconditioned filtration units

  • Various capacities approx: 45 litre - 56 litre (12 imperial gallon) capacity
  • Standard: 240v - 50Hz - 1Kw maximum load
  • Flow rate of pump: 18 - 22 litres per min.
  • Ideal filtering temperature: 80- 130 Deg. C Maximum recommended 180 Deg. This machine is designed primarily where there is no means of draining the oil/fat from the frying "pans"
Reconditioned filtration system

Reconditioned Filter Machine

Supplying a range of reconditioned oil/fat filter machines from basic models to upgraded Superpad enabled machines using original spare parts. Machines available Merlin, Opal, Bitterling, Pura & Aries oil/fat filter machines. Fully checked by Highly qualified engineer. Think your oil filtration system needs a little TLC & Service or repair to start it running again at full efficiency? 
We are able to provide a hassle free service.

Reconditioned Oil/fat filtraton units

Representative breakdown of potential savings
For example: a 2 pan range
40Ltrs of frying oil or 37.5kg of solid fats per day = avg £40 per day
For 7 days = £280
Discarding all oil at the end of every week for a year amounts to £14,560 per year!!
By using an oil/fat filtration system and only topping up each day
you could potentially save yourself £5550 per year!!
One every well earned holiday
One new member of staff!
New equipment!!

Made in the UK. Reconditioned, serviced and repaired by extremely experienced and Highly qualified engineers

To find out more about reconditioned oil filters, call Steve Hill Services, Gloucester on
01452 521081 or 07860 232 741
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